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QA_Eran_Eyal If you consider yourself both cool and an avid web browser, then chances are that you have been on Springleap.com before.

Digital Life asks co-founder Eran Eyal a few questions to determine just how cool he really is.

Q: We've been dying to know, what is your favourite T-shirt on Springleap.com?
A: That is actually a very tough question. I must confess I have a few, with no clear winner. Luckily I have a different one for every mood :) (Plus the community will tar and feather me for favouritism.)
So some of my outright favorites are:
1. eSempowenis – our hands-down best seller – it's the ultimate talking-point T-shirt;
2. Late for an Important date - for the incredible style and detail;
3. Springbottle - for content, and subtle use of colour;
4. Rein Dance, my Deer – one of my all-time favourites.
5. I love the Warholbot’s beautiful style and content is incredibly rich.

Q: What is the biggest challenge that South African designers face?
A: It used to be the spirit of collaboration, but that has changed radically of late. There are many support structures and groups that have opened to change this. The biggest problems facing artists today would likely be the inability to keep sight of long-term change, and achieving international recognition. The former issue is more difficult to overcome, requiring the artists to support and believe in the structures being put in place by organisations and businesses still in startup phase. Patience, belief and perseverance are core requirements for the environment to change.

Q: We all know you use a 17" Mac. What are your most used apps?
A: I guess I am pretty vocal on how much I love my 17’ MacbookPro. Most used apps: Microsoft Entourage, Hootsuite, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, iTunes and iPhoto (it’s quick and easy!).

Q: What cellphone do you use and does it effectively double up as an "office away from the office"? What mobile apps are must-haves?
A: I generally have a few hanging around at a time but my core device is the Blackberry Bold2 9700. You would be amazed at what I do with that device – mobile e-mail, every social media platform from Facebook to Linkedin, taking notes, photos and video (and uploading them to Twitter, Facebook, etc.), work out to music when I forget my iPod Touch, Browse (my only sore point! I prefer Safari on the iPhone). When I am out and about and see a person wearing a Springleap.com T-shirt, I take the photo, upload it to Springleap to the relevant page design, tweet and Facebook it.
Must-have mobile apps for the BlackBerry power user: Gwabbit (automatically imports people's signatures into your contact book), Ubertwitter, Facebook for Blackberry (Hootsuite for Blackberry WHERE ARE YOU :| ), Opera Mini as a secondary browser (hoping Blackberry sort theirs out or someone brings out something a bit more robust), Shazam (tells you what music you are listening to), Foursquare (if that’s your thing – more fun than anything else, but I am kind of bored with it now).

Q: Is there any gadget that you are lusting after?
A: A time dilation machine, but will settle for an Apple iPad 3G as a close second. (Hope the great team of the Core Group are listening here.)

Q: What advice would you give companies who are new to Twitter so they don't come across as 'spammy'?
A: Speak to me? No really. Speak to someone who knows the platform and how communities react to stimulus. Read some great books on the topic – Twitter Power is a good place to start. Some tips:
1. Don't get into new social media platforms until you understand communities and the intricacies of the platform. You risk alienating people from the get-go.
2. Chill with the overtweeting – less is more – it's HOW and WHEN you write and the tagging strategies you use that count.
3. The right tools are key.
4. Have a clear goal – understand WHAT you want to achieve from the use of Twitter.
5. Your toilet activities + your hair + cheese sandwich. Not interesting. Your opinion on trending topics – a good start.
6. Communities are fickle and testy – don’t piss them off with spam, repetitious information or repeating everything everyone is already saying.
7. Make friends and don’t abuse them.

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