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Do you want to learn all the secrets of Disney animation movies? Then do not join a Facebook group claiming it will reveal it to you.

This is the warning Graham Cluley of security software company Sophos is giving the millions of Facebook users. Groups such as 'Disney's most shocking secrets revealed' have been cropping up on Facebook for several months but there is little merit in the claims they make, says Cluley.

With Facebook growing with new users every month and becoming an important part of the online world and the way people are interacting on it, groups like these are becoming a threat to security and will continue to do so.

According to Cluley pages like the Disney one can create spam problems as well as retrieve personal information that also pose a security threat.  He states that it is time for social networks to seriously increase their security and act on fake ages created for these purposes. He continues to say that in his experience, pages are often reported to Facebook's authorities, but the complaints are often not acted upon until they are highlighted by security researchers and the media.

Update on these pages often also contain link that would redirect users towards a malicious website. These pages often lead to identity theft.

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