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tinypay2 Have you always wanted to open your own online shop to sell all those socks that you’ve been knitting in front of the television every night, but have no idea how to go about it?

A new, award-winning Web service called is enabling anyone, anywhere in the world to set up their own virtual shop and globally hawk physical or digital goods.

The New York-based service makes the process so easy and quick – you can set up your shop within sixty seconds – even the biggest technophobes will not find it intimidating.

No account is required. Users simply fill out the form on the site indicating which products they would like to sell, name their price, upload pictures of their wares, and even geotag their location. Users can also donate a portion of their sales to charity if they so desire. then creates a unique page for each product which can automatically be shared across all social platforms so that your Facebook friends and Twitter followers can put their money where their mouths are and support you in your entrepreneurial endeavours. Users can also embed the link on their own Web sites or blogs.

Just one thing, since all the payments on are handled via PayPal, users in South Africa will have to be FNB customers to receive payments. According to’s Community Manager, Richard Straver, South Africans can’t currently price their wares in rand, as it is not yet supported by the new PayPal API. “We hope they will support it soon. Once they do, anyone can immediately use this currency on”

We also asked Straver what – if any – goods or services are prohibited from being sold on Would they, for example, frown upon users who use the service as a type of tip jar? Like the American blogger-turned-published author Karyn Bosnak. Years ago, Bosnak posted an ad on her local Craigslist site asking users for donations so that she could pay off her debt, only to have her request promptly axed by Craigslist.

Straver replies: “Actually we would support anyone using in such a manner. We only ban and prohibit the sale of narcotics, gambling and other illegal activities.”

For a more detailed list, see’s Acceptable Use Policy page on their Web site. To set up your own shop, simply go to their home page.

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written by hlakile, April 19, 2010
Very nice, but it does not seem to have an option for South Africa under the country section?
written by redsaid, April 19, 2010
hlakile, well-spotted! It turns out that South Africa's omission from the drop-down menu of countries was actually a programming glitch. Richard Straver from thanks you for picking up on it. I'm happy to report that the issue has now been rectified, so all South African-based entrepreneurs can now open their virtual stores for business.
written by hlakile, April 20, 2010
Don't thank me, thank my wallet! smilies/cheesy.gif
written by Erised, April 22, 2010
Marvelous! I have been thinking about selling e-books (Originals!) for quite some time now!
written by ShackledMuse, July 09, 2010
I will MOST DEFINITELY make use of the site... Thanks for telling me!
written by redsaid, July 09, 2010
Pleasure! smilies/smiley.gif Glad to be of some service that could help you to sell your amazing creations!
written by Mbasa, August 18, 2010
Has anyone made use of this service already? what are the results. How does it differ from yahoo store?

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