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Microsoft and myDigitalLife have teamed up to offer you a chance to win an Xbox 360 Elite!

What you need to do is put on your creative cap and help us complete our web 2.0 sci-fi adventure. To get an entry into the draw to win the Xbox, you have to a) download Internet Explorer 8, give it a test drive & post a short review and b) submit your creative piece in our Internet Explorer Adventure.

How the competition works
1. Download Internet Explorer 8 using this link. Play around and post a review.
2. Use the introduction to the sci-fi adventure (see below) and give it a body and conclusion.
3. Get creative with your story ideas and try to incorporate features from IE8 (eg: you used the "Map with Bing" feature and found your way out after being stuck in a cyber cluster - anything goes!).
4. Each blog post / story counts as a competition entry. The more ideas you have to write, the higher your chances are of winning.

Terms & Conditions
1. This competition is open to registered South African members of myDigitalLife.
2. It will run from 12 April - 30 April 2010 (entries close at 12pm on 30 April). - DEADLINE EXTENDED!
3. Each story submission counts as an entry (after posting your IE8 review).
4. myDigitalLife editorial will choose the overall winner based on creativity and review post.
5. The winner will receive an Xbox 360 Elite, sponsored by Microsoft.
6. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash.
7. The judges decision is final.

Introduction to your story (please copy and paste this into your blog and continue your adventure):

"I was sitting in my room, surfing the net and trying out the new Internet Explorer 8 Web browser. A thunderstorm was brewing outside, but I was too engrossed in playing with IE's new features to pay much attention to the weather.

Suddenly there was a deafening crash. The lights began to flicker and then everything went dark. "Oh, no... a lightning strike!" I thought, worried that my beloved computer was now possibly fried. 

But then my entire computer - from mouse to keyboard to screen - began to emit an odd, bright blue glow, as if it was somehow radioactive. "At least it still works," I thought, but the glow hurt my eyes, so I pinched them shut, only opening them again when something whistled past me, milimetres from my face, giving me an almighty fright. 

"What the...?" I staggered around, looking for the culprit, and saw a white arrow bouncing around my room. Wait... how did my room with its white washed walls become yellow? Where was my furniture, and why was an hour glass hovering up in that corner? Where did my furniture go? Then, as I saw words and pictures beginning to appear around me rapidly, the realisation hit... along with a trill of fear. 

I wracked my brains, trying to remember the last link I had clicked on before the lightning strike. I didn't have much time to think before the last picture loaded and I was face-to-face with a seemingly very alive, enormous lion."

You're now stuck inside the new Internet Explorer 8 browser, and need to escape! You can navigate from page-to-page and remember to make use of some of the new IE8 features in your adventures.
For inspiration on how to have adventures within a computer program
check here.



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written by msbodetti, April 21, 2010
Write a story about 'Whilst using Internet Explorer these things happened to me'? lol

It just another way to make people dl your IE and ruine their browsing experience right? smilies/wink.gif

And when or if they do win the prize, they'll I dont know, uninstall it?

written by Monte01, April 29, 2010
Hi there. Does it need to be on our MyDL blog, or on any blog? Maybe I'm missing the obvious? Can it be on either?
written by www, September 02, 2010
Microsoft sux with its IE. Firefox all the way
written by Faheemazizm, February 28, 2011
I don't know if im wrong here but:

"something whistled past me, milimetres from my face,"
written by Nsain, July 04, 2012
I would rather have my balls removed by tying them to a passing stampede of women heading towards a shoe sale than install IE... ever... Seriously *unzips* I'll do it!

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