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Maybe you can remember that add on TV a few years back where the milk bottle in store turned green to indicate that the milk was past it's sell-by date. It was advertising endless possibilities of science, and today it's become a reality.

Today, however, there is a milk jug available from Cravendale, a brand of milk produced by Arla Foods in the UK, which actually tells you that the milk in the jug has gone sour.

Trying to curb Briton's milk wastage Cravendale teamed up with some experts and the designer, Oliver Newberry, to develop this ceramic jug.

The Jug has a sensor embedded in it which measures the level of the bacteria that turns milk sour and then indicates it on an LCD screen situated on the outside of the jug. The message is short, stating only the words 'Fresh' or 'Sour'.

We are not sure how it will help to curb milk wastage, because the jug does not give extra information, such as that you have say approximately 2 days left or you will have to throw out the milk. Now that will be very useful, and actually help people to drink or use the milk before it goes sour.

The immediate benefit of this invention though is that you no longer have to end up with a mouth full of soured milk or have to deal with smelling the milk and getting that putrid sour milk smell out of your nostrils. And of course the best of all is that you won't have to deal with an upset stomach, due to drinking milk that has gone off.
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