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It`s been a long while since something similar to Machinarium has graced the gaming world. It tells a simple story of a little robot lost in a big, post-apocalyptic robot-ruled society, but not once is a single word uttered. Not even through a subtitle.

Despite our hero having no voice, or name, he`s likable if only for his innocent charms and resourcefulness. See, Machinarium is a traditional point-and-click adventure game. There are no complicated key combinations to remember, or skills to acquire. Armed with a mouse and some lateral thinking, the game can be enjoyed by anybody. Kids will be all "aww, a robot", while adults can gush over the fantastic hand-drawn art and quirky instrumental soundtrack.

Of course, the puzzles are quite challenging, but the game provides basic and advanced hints for those who`ll inevitably get stumped by some of the more obscure conundrums. The advanced hints are available through a novel side-scrolling shooter mini game, which unlocks an entire diagram of what needs to be done to progress the level.

Playing normally isn`t just a case of randomly clicking on things, either. Paying careful attention to the environment and on-screen events can make puzzle-solving really satisfying - and comical, at times. Clicking on objects to "just get on with it" defeats the whole point of the game. It`s not there to punish the player by making things impossibly difficult or killing off the character. Instead, the linear progression makes it feel like an interactive storybook. It`s really a properly thought-out piece of storytelling and gameplay.

It`s just sad that it`s from a smaller studio and only available online. With a bit of shelf space, and possibly a few more extras, this could be a proper breakout hit.

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