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FarmVille has outgrown the social networking site and has set its sights on something bigger.

The something better being its very own website at, with forum, support and a shop for FarmVille merchandise. You can't say you didn't see this day coming? 

Of course the game still needs the social networking features of Facebook and so, even though you can play the game on the site, you have to use Facebook Connect (your facebook login) to join in the fun.

According to NowPublic, FarmVille has roughly 83 million monthly users (more than all of Twitter), which would explain why it feels it needs its own website. Another reason may be that many institutions - such as offices and schools - block Facebook.

FarmVille having its own site means that players no longer need to have Facebook access in order to play. Although, this reprieve may be short-lived considering that many employers have taken notice of the cut in productivity brought about by this little game.

Even if the site is blocked from work, users can take comfort in the fact that they can at least buy their own special FarmVille memorabilia now.

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