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When you go to a site to read an article, do you want to see something riddeld with speling errers? Or do you want to be presented with something that looks professional, is easy to read and gives you desired information?

In the quest for hits we are all guilty of focussing on quantity rather than quality, of churning out as many blog posts as we can without looking at the bigger picture, which is simply: if people come to your blog and find crap, they won't come back.

We want myDL to become known as a site for finding informative opinion and well-written pieces. When news breaks, we want people to want to come find out more about it here, from you. That is only going to happen if we all up the quality of our postings. It's like a team sport: if people come to the site and read one bad posting, it is unlikely they will assume everyone else's work is of a better quality.

From now on all posts that have not been proof-read, contain spelling or glaring grammatical errors or are in any other way confusing (or near impossible) to read, will be moved out of whatever category they're in and into the Lifestyle category. We would love to fix these things for you but in all honesty we do not have the time or capacity. Welcome to the digital age - the age of being your own sub-editor. 
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written by Pentacrow, April 11, 2010
Well here is my 2cents... I registered myself on DL a long time ago; forgot about it and carried on with life...
Today, I had the time to really go through the website and upload a profile pic. Lets just say i had the time to try to digest DL's entirety - and wow!! It is a fantastic website and looks really promising.

I do want to kick myself for not attempting to digest DL sooner, but better late than never!

Thumbs up to the creators!!

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