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Time Warner eases iPhone traffic, Motorola releases Android smartphones, and Nokia develops self-charging phones.

Time Warner eases iPhone traffic

IPhone users coping with jams on AT&T`s network may get some relief from an unexpected quarter: cable companies, reports Business Week.

Time Warner Cable, a pay-television provider in New York City, is pitching phone companies including AT&T and Verizon Wireless on a service that uses its underground cables to carry mobile calls and Web downloads, easing the congestion spurred by data-hungry users of smartphones like the iPhone.

The service, known in the industry as wireless backhaul, has become Time Warner Cable`s fastest-growing business after revenue tripled last year, says Craig Collins, senior vice-president of business services.

Motorola releases Android smartphones

Motorola has released two Android-powered smartphones – the Backflip, offered by AT&T, and the Devour, by Verizon Wireless, says NewsFactor Network.

The social Motoblur service is available on both the Motorola Backflip and Devour. Motorola is placing two new bets on the open source Android operating system with the release of its Backflip and Devour smartphones.

The uniquely designed Backflip began selling through AT&T Wireless late last week, and the Devour is now available from Verizon Wireless.

Nokia develops self-charging phones

Nokia has filed a US patent for a phone charger that harvests kinetic energy, states eWeek.

The technology has been used in laptops, PDAs and GPS receivers, according to Nokia. Essentially, the mobile devices would be powered, in part, through the movements of their owners.

When Nokia sued Apple in October, it noted that it had spent $60 billion on research and development over the past two decades.

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