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myDigitalLife is now offering Authors more DigiRands per blog and all members 2 cents for their opinion.

myDigitalLife Authors

myDigitalLife TeamOur member blogs are now divided into three main categories.  Digital Blogs, News Worthy Blogs and Lifestyle Blogs.

Each section will offer the following DigiRands per hit(view) on a posting:

    • Digital Blogs: 20 cents/hit
    • News Worthy Blogs:  10 cents/hit
    • Lifestyle Blogs:  0 cents/hit

To find out more on how to become an Author,  read the following article: Get Paid to Blog.


As from the 4th of March 2010, we are introducing my2Cents to our community.  Probably the most interactive aspect of myDigitalLife is the comments we receive on our blogs.

They turn into discussions that provide opinion or information and sometimes... they turn into a heated debate.  So we (The Team) decided that it is time you get a little something for adding your 2Cents to the topics at hand.

Every registered member on myDigitalLife can now get 2Cents for placing their comment on a blog posting. Yes, that means that if you make 50 million comments here on myDigitalLife, you will be the first person in the world to become a millionaire by sharing their opinion.

So sign up and get started.  However, if the comment isn’t relevant to the topic we will have to take back our 2 Cents.  We hope you understand.

Where can I see my DigiRands

You will be able to see your DigiRands and my2Cents amounts by going to your myBlog Account when you are logged in.

Please refer to the image below for a clearer picture.


So... what are you waiting for? Join myDigitalLife and become part of the community.

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