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twitterdarrenWith Twitter and Facebook outranking MySpace when it comes to traffic, musicians are embracing the net to promote their upcoming albums.

Darren Hayes

Former vocalist of Savage Garden and now solo, Darren Hayes is currently sharing via Twitter/Facebook that he is in the process of mixing his upcoming album.

For the past couple of month fans have been treated to not only knowing when he is going to gym, but also getting inside information about who is working on the album and how the recording are going.  Utilizing all formats of Web 2.0, Hayes provided Tweets, blog postings and video blogs at constant intervals sharing everything except the actual songs.

With over 23 000 Twitter followers and over 2 500 tweets send, anticipation is building up to the final release date which will most probably appear via his streams before you read it in the papers.

To follow Darren Hayes visit or


twitterper Front man Per Gessle is clearly loving Web 2.0 as he shares behind the scenes information with fans around the recording of their upcoming album.

Aside from Twitter, he has also opted to make use of a less popular site in comparison to the two giants (Twitter and Facebook) and is sharing videos and photos via his profile at

Fans not only get to videos of them in the recording studio but also some scenery of the surrounding areas they are recording in.

If you were wondering what music a successful songwriter listens to, then follow him on as he daily announces his “song of the day”.

They are however not only popular in the social online domain but in hotel rooms across Europe as well.  According to a survey done by Quadriga, Roxette’s album 20 Greatest Hits  sits at number 7 on the most requested list.  The survey was done by looking at the most requested digital audio albums made by guests in over 200 000 hotels rooms.

Chris Daughtry

twitterchris Made popular by what can only be called TV 2.0 (American Idol), the front man of American band Daughtry is a social fanatic.

With over 138 000 followers and 2 500 tweets, Chris is updating fans of upcoming shows and regularly directs them toward video recordings of previous performances.  Also helping TV show get more viewers he shares schedules of TV appearances.

Then of course there is the people he follows.  With so many fake profiles been created in cyberspace it gets hard to determine who is real.  We do however have more faith in who Chris is following judging from his tweets.  Josh Groban and LL Cool J seems authentic enough for us.

To stay up to date follow Chris on

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written by Kalan, August 13, 2010
I though I would follow this up with news of DAUGHTRY's upcoming appearance in South Africa smilies/smiley.gif Chris, Josh, JP, Brian & Robin will be at the The Grand Arena – Grand West Casino, Cape Town, South Africa on teh 27th of October .........

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