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Scientists have developed a fabric that can harness your body's kinetic energy.
A study in the American Chemical Society's Nano Letters shows that scientists have found a way of weaving lead zirconate titanate fibers with silicon to create a fabric that is piezoelectric.

Piezoelectricity is the ability of a material to generate electric feilds when placed under stress. In other words pressure put on the fabric causes voltage that can be used as power.

The fabric, a thin film called piezo-rubber, can convert mechanical energy into electricity at a rate of approximately 80 percent and can be both wearable and... implantable.

Possible uses include harnessing energy from the movement of lungs to power pacemakers and being used as buttons on remote controls so they no longer require batteries, but I'm sure we can all picture a few more uses for such a fabric.

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written by Dissol, March 04, 2010
I have been following the various developments in piezoelectricity, allied with nano technology (especially as I am possibly going to be fitted with an implant - spinal cord stimulator - in the near future). It is very exciting technology, and I am sure we will see innumerable applications in the future. The issue of providing power to implants is an important area as each time the batteries have to the replaced there is the potential risk of infection.

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