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Show your sweetie just how much you care this Valentine’s Day by giving him/her half of this heart-shaped MP3 Player for Lovers.

Candles are fire hazards, chocolates will melt under the scorching South African summer sun and even the roses will eventually wilt, but music lasts forever.

Throughout history, music and song have aided many a suitor in their quest to become successful seductors/seductresses. To this day, music is still a great way to set the tone for love and romance. Since you already share just about everything with the object of your affection – or even if you have not quite reached that mutual, over-sharing point in your relationship yet – the MP3 Player for Lovers will now allow you to even share a gadget and a playlist of all those songs that make both of your hearts beat as one.

This mushy MP3 player comes in red (of course) and is heart-shaped (of course). The heart can actually be divided into two equally-sized, fully functional MP3 players. If you look closely, you’ll see that the separation line which divides the heart halves is actually shaped like the profiles of two abstract faces, both puckering up for a kiss.

If you are able to look beyond the obvious sappiness of the device, it will become apparent that this is definitely not a top-of-the-range MP3 player, so if your darling is on the discerning, snobbish side when it comes to gadgetry, this might not exactly strike the right chord.

Each of the two separated players contains one GB of memory; the ability to play both MP3 and WMA files; a “Repeat All” function; infrared, touch sensitive volume and playback controls; a USB 2.0 port; and a built-in, 60 mAH, rechargeable li-ion battery – which, with any luck, won’t run out before your relationship does.

These half-hearted players each comes with its own individual headphones and controls, so you can both listen to “your” special song on your own and at your own desired volume. Just when you thought that it could not possibly get any sappier, we are here to tell you that the MP3 Player for Lovers can even pull double duty as a his and hers necklace!

The MP3 Player for Lovers is available from South African online retailer Electronique for R837.02. 
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