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50 Apple test tablets in use, iSlate and iPhone headed to Verizon? and Amazon improves Kindle.

50 Apple test tablets in use

Web analytic firm Flurry claims it has proof an Apple tablet is in the works, writes PC World.

Based on Internet traffic analysis from third-party software developers, Flurry says Apple`s Cupertino campus has been testing hundreds of mobile of apps on what it believes are 50 prototype Apple tablets.

Flurry says testers of the early iterations of Apple`s tablet have downloaded around 200 apps from clients that use its traffic analytic software. By tracking where downloads are originating from, Flurry says it identified dozens of tablet-like devices that did not leave the Apple campus and run a yet-to-be-released operating system.

iSlate, iPhone headed to Verizon?

Rumours are heating up about the Apple iSlate and a new iPhone coming to Verizon Wireless, says Info Sync.

Until a couple of months ago it was obviously difficult to say what kind of relationship Verizon Wireless and Apple had.

However, when Verizon Wireless unleashed its Motorola Droid marketing machinery, it also became difficult to see how the same carrier could soon unveil Apple products like the upcoming Apple iSlate (which seems to have increased activity in Flurry`s reporting tool in January) and a new Apple iPhone.

Amazon improves Kindle

Amazon is making some aggressive moves to defend the dominance of the Kindle as an e-reader, while also expanding its functionality to fend off competition from other gadgets, reports PC World.

Following the news that Amazon is introducing a new royalty plan for Kindle authors, Amazon has also released the Kindle Development Kit to enable developers to create apps for the device.

The success of the Amazon Kindle has legitimised the concept of an electronic book-reading gadget and led to an explosion of competing devices like the Barnes and Noble Nook, and the Sony Reader.

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