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The brand with passion has spawned a little one. Christo van Gemert introduces us to the Alfa Romeo MiTo.

The tech

Like most modern cars, the MiTo is kitted out with the basic essentials: electric windows, aircon, power steering and so on. It can also be had with climate control and the fantastic Blue&Me system - though this is optional. If you do get it, it`ll act as a hands-free kit and even read your text messages. No more texting while driving - that`s dangerous, you know!  n case you do have a crash, there are seven airbags to help keep you safe, and active head restraints will help prevent whiplash.

A fully-featured on-board computer will let you configure some of the car`s hidden settings. Enable or disable the passenger-side airbag or set a speed warning buzzer, it`s all there to be fiddle with.

The coolest gadget of all is definitely the DNA system, though...

The drive

The reason we mention it here is because it`s a system to help enhance the driving experience. Flip the switch to D, for Dynamic, and the steering tightens up. Throttle response becomes sharper and there`s a bit more torque available. Even VDC - vehicle dynamic control, a stability control system - will relax its grip on the anti-skid measures. It`s in this mode that the little MiTo comes alive and feels like a real Italian firecracker.

"N' for Normal, is the regular drive setting. Light steering, regular throttle control and normal power. Perfect for driving around town.

'A' stands for all-weather. It`s a super-reserved mode, for nervous drivers who don`t feel comfortable in the snow, sleet, hail or rain. As long as you don`t insist on speeding, this will be the best setting for getting home in one piece.

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