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Aah, the evergreen Apple - one of the world`s most-loved technology companies. From the iMac to the iPod, it has capitalised on, and started, trends that have led us into the 21st century.

Without much fanfare and hype clogging up blogosphere and rumour sites, Apple launched a sneak attack in late 2009. It refreshed a few product lines, including the Airport Express and Time Capsule, but the most exciting new arrivals are definitely the new Macbook, the facelifted iMac and a funky new mouse.

Magic Mouse

Apple`s previous wireless mouse - the Mighty Mouse - was not quite up to scratch. Compared to efforts from professionals like Microsoft and Logitech, Apple`s rodent just lacked in comfort and special features.

Now we have Magic Mouse, Apple`s attempts to right all those wrongs, starting with its sleek new shape. A lot flatter, this buttonless, laser-tech, wireless marvel should be a lot more comfortable in the hand.

It`ll link to your Mac using Bluetooth - a standard feature on all modern Macs - and the battery will last up to four months.

Being buttonless isn`t a problem, either. The surface of the Magic Mouse is similar to that used on the Macbook trackpads: it`s multitouch-sensitive. Swipe your fingers across the surface to scroll up, down, left and right, or navigate between pages.


We`ve all seen - and lusted after - the new unibody, aluminium Macbook Pros. Now, for us lesser humans, the new Macbook is available as a unibody machine too, still in its rugged polycarbonate casing.

The Macbook`s always been the cheapest machine in the line-up and since Apple made the 13-inch aluminium Macbook Pro, we`ve been waiting for its white plastic baby to get a refresh. Our prayers have been answered, and the sexy new baby Mac boasts a lot of the cool features that make the Pros so desirable: multi-touch glass trackpad, a seven-hour battery, LED-backlit display and the nVIDIA-based internals. For once, a Macbook can finally boast decent graphics capabilities (should you choose to play some games).

It`s also available with the latest range of Intel processors and comes standard with 2GB of RAM (upgradeable to a maximum of 4GB). Prices should start at around the  R10 000 mark.


The biggest announcement of all - quite literally - was the new iMac. Originally only available in sizes up to 24-inch, the model line-up has been trimmed down to merely two variants: a modest 21.5-inch and a gargantuan 27-inch model. Seriously, 27 inches is huge, and Apple has made the best of it by ensuring its native resolution is an eye-straining 2 560x1 440. Even the 21.5-inch model has a respectable 1 920x 1 080 as its screen area. It`s worthwhile to note that both of these resolutions are fully HD, and they`re the correct 16:9 aspect ratio (most widescreen computer displays are 16:10 aspect ratio).

New internals and externals are also thrown in to sweeten the deal. Every new iMac will ship with a Magic Mouse and an Apple wireless keyboard, which will free up some USB ports. On the inside, all new iMacs come with at least a 500GB drive (upgradeable to 2TB), 4GB of RAM (upgradeable to 16GB), dual-layer superdrives and 3.06GHz dual-core processors. The entry-level iMac comes with a built-in GeForce graphics card, while the other models can be equipped with high-performance ATI graphics cards, for more demanding 3D work. If you`re in the mood to splash out, the top-of-the-range 27-inch iMac can be equipped with a quad-core processor, in addition to all the other goodness.

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