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Take one car, add a touch of mobile phone and a dash of Internet and you have the latest Ford in-car Sync entertainment system, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas .

The system, developed in partnership with Microsoft, can stream music live from web service Panadora, stream news and podcasts from Stitcher, make use of built-in satellite navigation and even tweet.

Drivers can listen to their latest Twitter feed updates and even respond via voice, although in initial models the respond function will not be available due to safety concerns. It is also due to these concerns that the Sync Internet browser can only be accessed when the car is parked.

Ford itself argues that the Sync technology enhances safety. Ford's global director of connected services, Doug VanDagens, says, "We take what people do – they talk on the phone, they fumble with mp3 players, they look at maps. We take these activities and make them safer."

The technology works by connecting the car's on-board computer to a mobile phone with 3G. The car can also sync with this phone – hence the name of the system.

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