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You want hits, we want hits, everyone wants hits. So we're gonna give you the tips to make sure that blog post of yours goes the extra mile - preferably around the whole world.



Technorati is the indexer of blogs like Google is the indexer of the Internet. Like Google, Technorati started as a simple search engine but has now expanded to a lot more. Technorati keeps a directory of blogs and keeps tracks of what people are blogging about via tags.

Add your blog to the Technorati directory

Sign up, go to your profile and paste your blog url ( and click on "claim".

You will then be taken to a screen where you must describe your blog and put in your RSS Feed url. Your blog's RSS feed is

In the Tag section give keywords about what you usually write about.

And remember to tag your entries! There is an option for this on the right side of your blog writing screen. All MyDL tags are automaticaly pinged to Technorati.

If you want to find pages that link to your blog, type "link:" into Google.

For more information on what Technorati considers when looking at blogs look here.


Afrigator aims to make African voices heard throught the blogosphere.

Add your blog to the Afrigator directory:

Sign up and go to "add blog". Fill in the details as listed above. When you want to alter your blog or view statistics you can go to "my dashboard".


Amatomu is like the Technorati of South Africa. Its tag line is "The South African blogosphere, sorted"

Add your blog to the Amatomu directory:

Sign up and add your blog by typing in information as listed for the Technorati instructions above.

Amatomu has a whole lot of useful information that you can use to optimise your blog such as lists of which blogs are most popular. To see the Amatomu list of trends go here.

Link sites

Originally blog was short for "weblog", which was something like these, a list of awesome sites. The Web 2.0 version involves people voting for which are most awesome. You should nominate your site for awesomeness, who knows you may even find yourself at the top.


A South African site. Very simple. Just sign up, post your entry and add tags.


Digg is one of the most popular ways of procrastination, beware. Once you sign up you can follow the self-explanatory process of submitting a site to Digg. You can also share the love by Digging other people's blogs that you really enjoy.

Social Media

Use one of the many url shortening sites to reduce the size of your blog link (for example tinyurl). Then post that link everywhere.

Twitter - Tweet when you update your blog, place a link to your twitter feed at the end of every blog so people who like your style can follow you.

Facebook - Update your status, add notes, make use of the medium however you feel appropriate. Promote other people's blogs as well, if you read something interesting. While you're there, you should join our MyDL Facebook group!

IM - Put that you've updated your blog in your status

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