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An ultra-cool underwater MP3 player will enable swimmers, surfers and other types of water babies to splash around to the sound of music this summer.

Although waterproof music players are nothing new, the SwiMP3 underwater music player by FINIS has been designed to produce outstanding sound quality, an accomplishment which puts it lengths ahead of its competitors.

While other waterproof MP3 players transmit sound through the air or water – often producing a muffled noise when used underwater – the SwiMP3 makes use of an ancient sensory capability to flood its users’ ears with music: it relies on bones to conduct the sound. In other words, sound vibrations are directly transferred from the cheekbone to the inner ear (bypassing the air conduction mechanism in the middle ear) to provide exceptionally clear sound. In the SwiMP3, this does not completely drown out outside noise (swimming is a noisy sport after all), but at least users will be able to clearly hear their chosen tunes during their water workouts. If users opt to use ear plugs, they will be able to reduce the water noise even more.

This is reportedly the first time an audio company has applied this method to technology. Since it is such a well-established hearing mechanism in humans, it’s completely safe, so users of the SwiMP3 need not worry about damaging their hearing.

The rest of the player’s features are also rather impressive. It packs 256 MB of storage (which translates to roughly 60 songs), is Windows and Mac compatible, can play both MP3 and WMA files, has an integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion battery which charges directly from a USB port and lasts for about eight hours per charge, and a basic selection of controls including volume, resume play, shuffle and an MP3 control panel built into the side panel.

Weighing in at only 2 ounces (56.69 grams), it is light enough to not be a hindrance. It also attaches easily and securely to swimming goggles or snorkeling masks, ensuring that it won’t get in the way of even the most serious aquatic athlete.

The SwiMP3 is available from Cape Swim (http://www.capeswim.com/shop_swimp3_order.htm) for R1 490, postage excluded.

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