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A radio, shaped like a rugby ball, will enable its users to not only listen to music, but to keep tabs on their Twitter feeds as well.

UK-based consumer electronics company Pure Digital has come up with a radio that will allow its users to feed their social networking addictions. The Sensia, set to go on sale in the UK this week, is being hailed by Pure Digital as "a radio for the Facebook generation", because it comes integrated with Twitter and software for Picasa, which will allow users to organise and edit digital photos.

Sensia Radio The massively popular social networking site Facebook will apparently also be included in the device in the near future. Other applications for checking the news and weather are also available.

Other than its social networking side, the Sensia also comes packed with features such as integrated Wi-Fi, Digital Audio Broadcasting and FM support, a 5.7 inch (14.47 centimetre) touchscreen, an optional rechargeable battery, 3.5 mm input for hooking up to additional audio sources and an RF remote.

The Sensia will also enable users to listen to music stored on their computers. The Wi-Fi technology will allow users to communicate through Facebook and Twitter, but the Sensia does not have an Internet browser, therefore users will not be able to send or receive e-mail or surf the Web.

But don't think the social networking is where it will end. Pure has lofty ambitions for its radio. Hossein Yassiae, chief executive of Imagination Technologies, the company that owns Pure, told the Daily Mail: "Pure's job is to run in front of the bullet train. Radios can act as a base station for everything else in the home. We need Pure to go beyond audio and into areas like power metering, traffic information and security."

The Sensia will go on sale for £249.99 in the UK this week. For more information about the Sensia, visit

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written by The Source, November 18, 2009
Seems like the days where you "listen" to the radio are over, now you have to keep an eye on it as well :grin

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