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Gadget problems divide sexes, Motorola Droid sees strong sales, and Samsung intros super-slim memory chip.

Gadget problems divide sexes

Men and women have different approaches to dealing with technology problems, according to a gadget helpline, writes BBC.

The service found 64% of its male callers and 24% of its female callers had not read the instruction manual before ringing up.

Some 12% of male and 7% of female customers simply needed to plug in or turn on their appliance. The company, Gadget Helpline, surveyed 75 000 calls received between 25 September and 23 October this year.

Motorola Droid sees strong sales

Early indications suggest that the Motorola Droid could be the breakout hit phone of the holiday season, states CNET News.

Analysts believe Verizon is seeing strong sales of the Motorola Droid, which went on sale last week across the country. Unlike other big offerings such as Apple`s iPhone or even the Palm Pre, retailers had plenty of devices in stock, and customers did not have to stand in long lines to get their phones.

Neither Verizon nor Motorola is providing exact sales figures, but David Samberg, a spokesman for Verizon, said sales were very strong over the weekend, with a steady stream of customers Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Samsung intros super-slim memory chip

Samsung says it has produced the world`s thinnest multi-chip memory package for smartphones, portable media players, and other devices, says Techspot.

The package measures a mere .6mm in height and contains 32GB of storage. Samsung`s new product is 40% thinner and lighter than currently available memory packages.

The .6mm-package contains eight 30nm, 32GB NAND flash chips, each measuring only 15um (.015mm) thick. This super thin multi-die memory package overcomes the conventional technology limits of a chip`s resistance to external pressure when under 30um in height, and will allow for double the density of previous multi-chip packages, according to Samsung.

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