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After a shocking second place on Britians Got Talent and becoming the "queen" of YouTube with her performance being watched over 300 million times, we welcome the debut album by Susan Boyle.

I dreamed a dream is such a fitting title for this album.  Sure we all expected her to win the competition, that is why we were all shocked when she didn't.  Then the rumours started that she didn't want to perform.  Whether those rumours are true or not will not matter after November when her album goes on sale the 23rd.


The quality of the sound wasn't always of the highest standard, yet we still sat in front of our computers and listened to every note she sang.  We all wanted to stand up and give her an ovation.

Now we will have her voice on disc to share for years to come.  We can tell our children the tale about Susan Boyle that shook the world who had to hear the news of her arrival on a video sharing service.

I dreamed a dream doesn't have to be the greatest album to a success.

The mere fact that it is being released is testimony that there once lived a woman that nobody knew and it took her one song to make them love her.  I predict that this album will become one of the biggest in 09/10.  If Susan Boyle does ever perform live, the audience should consider it an honour to listen to her because they might never see it again in this lifetime.

The album is mainly made up of covers of songs originally recorded by the Rolling Stones, Madonna and The Monkees.  Let's be honest - I don't care and nobody else will either.  Boy Zone has been doing it on every album and then they go and call it a greatest hits album.

Susan Boyle is giving us the greatest covers album - ever!

Track listing

  1. Wild Horses
  2. I Dreamed A Dream
  3. Cry Me A River
  4. How Great Thou Art
  5. You'll See
  6. Daydream Believer
  7. Up To The Mountain
  8. Amazing Grace
  9. Who I Was Born To Be
  10. Proud
  11. The End of The World
  12. Silent Night
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