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Beatles fans flock as Rock Band released, iPod Touch branded gaming device, and Sony to bring 3D to PS3.

Beatles fans flock as Rock Band released

The HMV store in London`s Oxford Street was covered in Beatles posters last week, with a queue of young people waiting patiently outside to spend money on Fab Four merchandise, writes

There was plenty on offer: the band`s consistently lucrative back catalogue was repackaged yet again, with the simultaneous release of the first video game endorsed by the band and re-mastered CDs.

Most of the fuss is about a Beatles edition of Rock Band, the interactive computer game which allows people to strap on a scaled-down guitar or bass and follow on-screen cues to `play` one of 45 Beatles songs as they sing along. Would-be Ringo Starrs can hit a tiny drum kit.

iPod Touch branded gaming device

The charismatic leader of Apple, Steve Jobs, has confirmed that the iPod Touch should be viewed as a gaming device rather than a mere portable media player, according to

The revelation came as Jobs answered questions from the New York Times and said the company was not sure at first how to market the iPod Touch to the users.

He told reporters that "Originally, we weren`t exactly sure how to market the Touch. Was it an iPhone without the phone? Was it a pocket computer?" before adding "What happened was, what customers told us was they started to see it as a game machine. We started to market it that way, and it just took off."

Sony to bring 3D to PS3

Much as it has taken over the realm of top-tier action movies, 3D technology may be poised to take over gaming as well, writes

Sony has said that the first HDTVs to support PS3 3D gaming will likely hit the market next year, but also dropped some tantalising hints of 3D tech to be included with all PlayStation 3 consoles.

At Berlin`s IFA show, Sony was showing off a 3D version of WipEout, played on a special Bravia TV that allows for PlayStation 3 games to be played in 3D. The idea is that the special LCD set will make every PlayStation 3 game three-dimensional, so users won`t have to buy new games to get that in-your-face effect.

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