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A new cellphone, aimed specifically at female users, does not even vaguely resemble a phone. iMobile The manufacturers of this phone have clearly taken a rather literal approach in their attempts to design a more compact device.

It is called the Imobile Phone V588 and it is yet another prime example of how a gadget's looks can be completely deceiving. In fact, had it not had the word “phone” in its official name, no one would have suspected its true nature just from looking at it from the outside.

At first glance, it appears to be nothing but a round, 70x65x20mm pink and golden coloured compact powder makeup case covered in a “bling-y” substance – something like rhinestones or crystals. Every aspect of the design is apparently intended to appeal to the female cellphone user. Famous gadget Web site Ubergizmo simply calls it “hideous”.

When the supposed compact is flipped open, it reveals one round mirror on the inside of the one lid and – on the side where the face powder ought to have been – what appears to be another, square-shaped mirror. This second “mirror” is actually the phone's 2.6 inch touchscreen display. The screen, with its 320x240 pixel resolution, supports 260K colours.

iMobile v588The Imobile manages to cram a surprising amount into a tiny space. It has 1917 KB embedded memory, multiple speakers, an integrated camera with video recording and playback capability, an MP3/MP4 player, a voice recorder, is WAP-enabled, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port and a microSD slot.

It offers talk time of between 260 – 300 minutes and standby time of 260 – 300 hours.

Even though the manufacturers of the Imobile V588 have gone to great lengths to disguise the actual phone part of the phone, it might not be the most suitable device for indulging in a bit of clandestine calling. After all, a girl merrily yakking into a shiny compact mirror might draw more than just a few odd glances and raise some serious doubts about her sobriety or sanity.

The Imobile V588 retails for $120.
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