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American residential door hardware and lock manufacturer Kwikset has just unveiled a revolutionary new feature to its Kwikset SmartKey which will enable homeowners to lock or unlock their doors from virtually anywhere.

Even here in South Africa, where homeowners have to be particularly vigilant when it comes to home security, people are sometimes so swept up in the rush to get to work or school that they occasionally can't remember if they had indeed locked the doors. Imagine being able to check and lock or unlock your door via cellphone or the Internet? Kwikset has now added that remote access control solution to its SmartKey.

kwikset-smartcode-locks Kwikset's SmartCode with Home Connect Technology contains a motorised deadbolt, which enables homeowners to lock or unlock their doors from anywhere via remote control, cellphone, a security system touch panel and a secure Internet connection. With this new peace-of-mind feature, Kwikset is bound to lock out the competition, because although there are other products out there that can inform users whether their doors are locked or not, Kwikset claims that its product is the only one that can remotely lock or unlock doors with the mere push of a button or click of a computer mouse.

Apart from locking and unlocking, Kwikset's SmartCode with Home Connect Technology users will also be able to wirelessly control the home security and automation systems, automatically set home lighting, music and even regulate the house's heating or cooling system. Users can even receive e-mails to inform them when anyone enters or exists their home.

In order to install it, users simply replace any existing deadbolt. Since it requires four AA batteries to operate, there is no need for hardwiring. According to Reuters, "the lock even has the ability to accept automatic software updates, and all wireless communication between devices remain secure by utilising a 128 bit encryption".

No word on what the cost will be, but since local online retailer sells other Kwikset products, it is quite likely that the Kwikset SmartCode with Home Connect Technology will be available here as well.

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