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Freelance Lounge, where companies will find, hire, manage and pay contractors online. This is the new transforming of doing business in South Africa. Freelance Lounge will be delivering an immediate, cost-effective and flexible way of hiring, managing and paying independent professionals and contractors online.

Companies will be tapping into Freelance Lounge’s skilled talent pool to distribute their work, while professionals/freelancers use Freelance Lounge to meet clients, stay independent and get paid for delivering great results.

What People Will Love About Freelance Lounge
IT, marketing, designers, developers and business managers:
Flexibility. Staff up when you need it, scale back when you don’t.
Results Orientation. Pay for actual results received (output) versus billable hours (input).

Independent professionals, freelancers and service firms:
Access to Clients. Market your services cost-effectively to clients looking for help.
Efficiency. Maximize your productivity by using the Freelance Lounge Work System.
Predictable Payments. Work with confidence when payments are held.
Control. Work where-ever, whenever and for whomever you want.

This is another way of connecting businesses and professionals/freelancers together. The new way of doing business has arrived.
Tuesday, 09 November 2010


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